[Antiquated topic] What to do before and after an uninstall + reinstall

Since reinstall seams to be more asked for now as part of debugging, I’m starting this thread to discuss how to streamlining it. (Please let me know if anything is missing or unclear!)

Before uninstall:
Open “Settings”, and make note of your chosen setting for:
Under “Appearance” ,

  • “App theme”,
  • “Widget theme”,
  • "Widget text size,
  • “Map style”,
  • “Animation level”, and
  • “Fullscreen Mode”.

Under “Units”,

  • All units.

Under “Downloads”,

  • “Allow Mobile Data”
  • “Servers”.

Under “Advanced”,

  • “World View (Beta)”

In “Settings” under “Advanced”

  • tap at “Export”. Save the bacup file of your “PLACES” and “GRAPHICS” somewhere where you later can access it.

On the widget tap the small “3-dot-menue-button” in top right corner. Make note of:

  • Place,
  • Forecast model,
  • number of days,
  • #Graphs”.

After (uninstall +) reinstall:
Open "Settings"and

  • re-apply the settings from i).

In “Settings” under “Advanced”

  • tap at “Import”, and choose the file you exported earlier.


  • Delete the extra place that was created by default when you opened the app for the first time after re-installing it.

Re-allow Flowx to access GPS-location of device for your saved place in “Travel Mode” by:

  • In main app, tap “3-dot-menue-button” in top right corner and tap “Edit place”.
  • Tap “3-dot-menue-button” in top right corner and tap “Travel Mode” to toggle off, and then back on again.
  • In system pop-up dialog allow Flowx to access GPS-location.


  • Recreate the widget, and
  • re-apply the settings from iii).
  • If it fails to load, try to reboot the phone.

Thanks for that. Now safely saved. :+1:


@jojo I agree with you that:

As far as I know, the list of things to do before and after a reinstall is as described above.

If you find anything in my description that is not up-to-date then tell me and I’ll edit.

I know this is a beta.

I am not a coder so…

There is a limited export data file now and it should encompass all parameters…nobody should have to write down anything for a settings file especially since we already have an io schema.

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@jojo I exported my json uninstalled then re-installed all I had to change myself was app them, map type, full screen options graphs came back just fine

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interesting. try deleting a graph. then import your saved version. Does the graph come back?

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brian…are your graphs the 2 default graphs? Did you modify them?

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@jojo no I doesn’t I think it’s because the data is on the device not sure it’s ment to replace just a graph or setting you decide to change. I could be wrong but I think it’s ment to save you time when reinstalling the App

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That’s exactly why it should save all parameters and you shouldn’t have to write down anything in my opinion.

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I don’t save settings for a couple of reasons. 1. it would take ages to maintain and keep up to date in the code and reject old settings that don’t exist anymore. 2. a setting could be causing a crash or bug and reimporting all the settings will result in the same problem.

Importing places and graphs do work. You deleted the graph from the place not the app. If you export the place, then change the place, e.g., delete a graph, then reimport the place, it’ll look the same again. If you export a graph, edit the graphs, then you import them back in, then your graphs will look like the exported ones.

This is a convenience feature so you don’t have to setup all your place and graphs again on the rare occasion you reinstall. Or to share with other.


That’s an awful lot of work, lol. Why plans to implement a proper backup method?

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I’ve made a new copy of this original post, and made it a Wiki post, since the original post now is to old to edit.

See Wiki post of: [What to do before and after an uninstall + reinstall]


It you ment to ask “Any plans to implement a proper backup method?”

Then please read the reply from the app developer above:

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sorry, yes, “Any plans to implement a proper backup method?”