Cloud Choices

There appears to be no cloud options for the lhs and widgets.

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@bambroclime Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx

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Sorry I don’t understand what you mean - can you explain more? What do you mean by “lhs”?

Maybe post a screenshot?


I reckon he means left hand side.


Yes. Left hand side!!

Puzzled what’s hard to understand. Basically when you click on a place the LHS part of the display - the one with all the graphs, doesn’t give cloud choices. Neither does the widget.

The right hand side, which shows the different predicted weather conditions has this option, i.e. you can choose ‘low cloud’ or ‘total cloud’

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I guessed it meant “left hand side” but it made no sense to me because I don’t know your context and this is why I asked for more explanation and a screenshot.

Here is a screenshot of the context I see every day. I think you can now understand why I was confused.

Now I’m guessing you are on a tablet in landscape mode. But I still don’t understand, total cloud is shown in the graphs - as you can see in my screenshot.

Low/mid/high cloud is not an option in the graphs yet, but will be in the future where you can choose anything to plot on the graphs. Is this what you’re asking?


Yes!!! When will it be an option?

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I’m not sure. I’m rewriting the code while I port to Apple. Part of this rewrite is fixing poorly designed features like the graph editor.

Apple is fine because a subset of feature is better than nothing and we can slowly add more feature. I can’t just replace the current Android app with the new code because the new code doesn’t cover all the features in the current app and a complete swap-out would lead to many many bugs. Instead, I am slowly pulling some of this code into the Android app where the feature is complete and I can merge it in easily.

I think this will depend on the Apple release, testing and bug fixing. As Apple becomes more complete and stable, I will replace bigger chunks of code in the Android app.

Check this post for progress on the new Android and Apple app:


no need to be rude it took me a second as well because was It a uppercase i (I) or lower case L (l) hmmm


There’s a distinct lack of a sense of humour in this company.

Never come across any company that’s so sensitive

I wouldn’t care, but I acknowledged you’d answered my question - I then just asked when it’s coming out.

Please don’t answer, if you’re merely going to get annoyed with a customer that’s annoyed at this flaw in a very good app.

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I’m not sure if this reply is to me.

When I first read this it came across as “why can’t you understand this. Are you dumb”. I didn’t bite. I didn’t ignore you. Rather I explained that what you see/thing can be different from what I think you’re seeing and thinking, and then answered your question.

Once I was back-and-forth with user with an issue for a few days, then he sent a screenshot and I realised we were talking about two completely different things for days.

Screenshots make a big difference - I can diagnose some issues within seconds with a screenshot.

The reason this company is so sensitive is that it is actually a human. It is just me with my wife helping with social media. As I said I’ve been doing this for 9 years. I love building this app. I like seeing people get value out of Flowx. And I care about how users find the app and I do enjoy helping people. That pretty much defines being “sensitive”. I do care.

This is what a user wrote several hours ago.

I use to answer all review but it’s a toxic place. Some people are so entitled. Some people are trolls (I’ve had a real serious one). At times I thought about cutting the free version of the app but I know the entitled people are a small portion of the 90,000 users (over 90% are free users) and I would be cutting off far more nice people. After years of negativity in reviews, I am less sensitive to them and care less about reviews and stars. People use stars to force me to do something. I gave up fighting for stars. I don’t care anymore.

The web is a toxic place. For me, this is the hardest thing about app development. Many people don’t see the person on the other side of the keyboard/screen. It’s not hard to be nice or respectful.

I have seriously thought about paying someone to provide support, or to completely disengage, stop reading things and stop replying to people. At least I’ll still have the app development part which I love. But this would be a sad way to go.

People wonder why companies become souless and insensitive - this is why. It is because some people don’t see the human on the other side of the screen.

Here is an example of this:

You got ignored for such a long time because I have a life and a job and a university to attend to besides this and about 5 new issues are created every day plus dozens of emails. I’m looking into this.

This one is very sad:

I’ve gotten emails wishing that I get cancer because I added a donate button in a paid app…