Confidence intervals

It would be nice to have the graphs showing confidence intervals as areas around the hard curves in a blended color. I don’t know about the availability of that data, but it would be a great feature.
If this is not available, another option would be to show the range of values of the different data sources instead.

Sounds like data model comparisons. @duane loves talking about these!

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Am I that obvious :smile:


There is a way that is not model comparisons, and that is to use the Ensemble models. Most data sources perturb their models slightly and resolve them. They do this 10-20 times which results in slightly different predictions. They release each perturbed prediction but also an average with variance.

This is on the to-do list but a lower priority because it needs a bit of work to get going in Flowx. Also there are a few things I should do before this, like the wind scales.

Cheers, Duane.