• Dec. 16, 2017, 6:09 a.m.


    I've been thinking about editors over the last year and more so recently. I thought I might share some ideas here for your thoughts - either to keep to yourself or to share.

    I like the idea of editors for few reasons:
    1. it keeps the general settings simple, clean and uncluttered.
    2. it creates purpose built methods of editing major elements of the app, e.g, graph or theme.
    3. it's modular, so we can swap in a better graph or theme editor.

    Here are the editors I'm thinking of:
    1. Graphs editor (already added in pro) with more features to come, e.g., new graph, copy graph, add other data, fixed value lines (e.g, freezing line).
    2. Theme editor which will define colors, line color and widget, fill color, font size, etc to pretty much anything.
    3. Place editor which allows reordering, quick deleting, editing, copying attributes from one place to all, or from another place.
    4. Range editor which allow the setting of min and max values (including auto range), spectrums (colormaps), scaling (log or linear), and bands (i.e., dividing the spectrum into a fixed number of colors instead of the smooth gradations).

    There will be other editors ideas in the future. The idea of "editors" gives us a flexible way to include these without burdening the general setting and the core of the app.

    I think I'll implement the Place Editor next since it's the easiest, followed by the Range Editor, then the Theme Editor. But, like the wind changes directions, I can change my mind :-)

    Ultimately, I'd like to implement these editors with a centralise repository so users can save and share designs. Maybe have a voting system where highly rated or popular designs get shipped with the Flowx install.

    Cheers, Duane.