Elevation selection

Just wondering if it would be possible for adding elevation selection? I hike in the mountains a lot and like to see what the weather is doing at different elevations.


Most data is at the surface level (temperature is 2m above ground, and wind 10m above ground), so if you’re hiking, it should follow the terrain. Pressure doesn’t follow the surface, it’s projected to the mean sea level.

In the future, I plan to add data at different altitudes, but this is generally for pilots.


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Really? So, at 4000 feet will show different then at 2000 feet, even in close proximity?


No, not exactly. It depends on the resolution of the data. If the terrain climbs faster than the resolution of the data, then it won’t capture the change. For example, if you have a nice climb from 2000ft to 4000ft across a distance of 3km, and the data has a resolution less than 3km (e.g., HRRR, AROME), then it should be fine. But GFS with a resolution of 25km, won’t be good.

But the temperate and wind data are exported at 2m and 10m above the ground, as best it can represent the ground. The problem arises when it cannot represent the ground level due to it’s resolution.

Hope that makes sense.