• Aug. 2, 2018, 8:09 p.m.

    Duane has been working very hard over the last few months on getting some new data models into Flowx, and we are happy to announce that we are launching NAM and HRRR high-res forecast models for the USA!!

    NAM provides more precise data for the short term 2 day forecast, while HRRR is superior for the current days forecast, due to hourly updates. Duane has integrated the new models into the app in a unique way, so that when the data for one model runs out, it automatically transitions into the next models data.

    Along with the new forecast models, we have introduced new pro version subscription options, Bronze, Silver & Gold, to allow users to choose the pro version that best suits their needs. Any historical purchases will still be honoured at the original price and will automatically retain Bronze features.