Forcing location in My location


When location tracking is, sometimes I move the map to see a larger area. It would be advisable a button to return to the the current point coordinates.

In any saved location, the button would center the map at the location coordinates if the map has been moved. It would also be nice to get back to the zoom level.



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Hi @Lince04,

I don’t quite understand. I think you’re asking for two things here??

Are you asking for a “center” button that appears when you use two fingers swipe to move to another location. When the “center” button is pressed, it will recenter the map on the saved location. Is this what you want?

Currently, if you swipe to move to a new location, you can click on the place in the side menu to center the map on the saved location.

You can also click “Set location” in the top-right menu, to save the current location over the current saved place.

Or click “Add location” in the side menu to add the current location as a new place.

I’m not sure what you mean by the zoom level as well. You want to reset to the zoom level just before you two-finger swiped to change location?

Cheers, Duane.



yes, it would be a button to center in the actual location without having to go to the side menu. Something like the RainViewer app location button.

The zoom level could also be restored to the initial before two-finger swiped to change location on the map.

The idea is to be able to visualize a wider area but quickly return to the initial position.




The RainViewer button takes you to your GPS position. This is quite a different functionality especially given RainViewer doesn’t save locations.

But i think, you’re asking of a button to center to the place selected prior to the two-finger swipe. You’re not asking for a button to center on your actual GPS location??

I have found it’s very important to make sure we are talking about the same thing other wise we can spend days talking and find we’re on different pages.

Adding a button to center to the save place location (not GPS location) and to reset the zoom is very easy but I don’t add features in unless there is an overwhelming reason to, i.e., a lot of users must want it and agree, with good reason, on the functionality. So we need more buy-in.

I do this to keep Flowx simple - otherwise it’ll be full of options and buttons. When I started Flowx I used to add most feature users asked for. It ended up in a mess that was hard to maintain, support and develop. So I rewrote it and removed many features. After I released the re-written version very few users complained about the removed features suggesting they were not used.

A good example of this was swiping on the graph. I noticed I never swiped on the graph, so I removed it - it was amazing, absolutely no one complained.

So I can add the feature easily, but the bigger question is whether we should. Or is the space the button will take up better used for something else???

Keep it super simple.

Cheers, Duane.


Yes, the idea would be to work like clicking on the location in the side menu. But hey, it is an idea that for me could be useful but not for other users.

I also develop apps and it is true that there are requests from users that have no use for anything other than one and it is not worth wasting time in their development.

Anyway, thank you very much for your interest and its great application.