my orphaned review of Flowx

I’m using an outdated version (2.250) on an outdated phone (Samsung S3 i535, 4.4.2). Nevertheless, the app still works fine. I wanted to submit a review on Google play but I’m not allowed to post since my version is no longer supported. If I were allowed it’d look like this:


Hats off to the developer!

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Thanks @westek12. Yeah, I’m not sure how Google reviews work. But thanks for the kind words.

Sorry I can’t support Android 4.4 and lower. It was too hard as a sole developer. Android 5+ has some features that made things super easy which I used, but I had to implement these things twice in order to support 4.4. In the end, it was too much work and quite buggy.

When the S3 gives up the ghost and you upgrade, you won’t know yourself :slight_smile:

Cheers, Duane.

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