Pinch to zoom on graph to change total days viewed

I would love a quicker way to change from let’s say the 3-day forecast view to the 16 day forecast view.

While thinking about what that could look like, maybe it’s pinch zoom gesture on the graph. Pinch in to zoom into lower number of days and pinch out to move towards 16 day forecast.


This too is on the todo list. I have been keeping it, and many other features, in mind with the rewrite for Apple.


Awesome! How is the rewrite coming along?

What are you coding in, flutter?


KMM (Kotlin Multiplatform). It’s going very well so far. Here is the progress post.

I looked at and considered Flutter over the years but it still seemed too risky like many other cross-platform frameworks. Also I wasn’t happy about final package size which was 20-odd MB at a minimum.


What do you think about it being risky? Its backed by Google and they use it for a lot of their big apps. Stadia and Google wallet just to name a couple are all done in Flutter.

I have been playing with it recently been insanely fast development compared to other ones I used tonight.


Not all things are native, e.g., the UI widgets, so if Flutter hasn’t implemented a UI feature, it can be tough.

I remember for Xamarin , you would rely on them implementing support for new API’s which could be delayed.

Admittedly, Flutter has less non-native features.

I’ve use many new toys in the past that initially look great only to find that as you get deeper into the implementation, you hit a roadblock. Ionic was one such case. Any new toy is risky including Kotlin Multiplatform and Jetpack Compose, it’s just the level of risk. I classed KMM less risky than Flutter because it was all native.

Flutter was at the top of my list as a cross-platform framework.

Kotlin Multiplatform is a shared library where you can write the UI (or any other code) in the platform native code, e.g., Swift, Java or Kotlin. The expect/actual pattern also allows you to easily use platform specific features in their native form.

Not to do with risk, but another advantage is that I can reuse my Java and Kotlin code from old Flowx. In fact, I plan to use some of the reFlowx (Flowx rewrite) code into oldFlowx (the current release).

Remember G+, Hangouts, and many other abandoned projects :slight_smile:


At least Flutter and Dart are open source so I don’t see them dying that quickly :wink:

I understand the challenges switching languages but when you get some free time check it out, it’s pretty fun language.



Also true. I have so many other cool projects to do :slight_smile: