Radar and rain forecast at the same time?

Thanks. I’ll look into this. Is this for RainViewer radar or the HRRR radar or both?


For RainViewer radar and rain forecast :


I mostly see “Location not covered” in the “edit data” menu.

When choosing a location in the USA, i can select the three “NAM and HRRR” radar options in the “edit data” menu, but non of their icons will be seen on the map.

So i guess this is another bug?

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You can slide the menu left/right??

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Yes, tried to add something else just to make sure that the sliding left/right was not the issue.

I can slide the menu left/right, and see all other icons, but not the three “NAM and HRRR” radar ones.

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Can you send me a screenshot please?

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Screenshot emailed.

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@Dune in email:

“Oh, it’s because you’ve chosen “GFS” - it doesn’t have radar data. Only HRRR and NAM”


And when choosing a forecast from HRRR or NAM, then all of their icons will be seen on the map.

I can have active:

  • one of the three “NAM and HRRR” radar options (“composite”, “1km” or “4km”),
  • one of: rain forecast, snow forecast OR RainViewer radar.


  • I can compare one of the three "NAM and HRRR” radar to RainViewer radar, and
  • I can compare one of the three "NAM and HRRR” radar to rain forecast or snow forecast, but
  • I can NOT compare RainViewer radar to rain forecast or snow forecast, and
  • I can NOT compare rain forecast to snow forecast
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Ok, you we have three layers:

  1. radar (rainviewer)
  2. scalar1 (precipitation, snow)
  3. scalar0 (wind, temperature, pressure…)

It seems there is a bug and RainViewer is showing on scalar1 - I can fix this. So we need to choose where to show HRRR/NAM radar, on scalar1 or radar.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to add another layer - it’s confusing and loads the phone more.

Cheers, Duane.


I would say that to put “HRRR/Nam radar” on the radar layers makes most logical sence. But it’s more a question of usability than “logical sence”.

What is the geographical area of “HRRR/NAM radar”?
What do the user group in this area think is more important, being able to:

  • compare HRRR/NAM radar to RainViewer radar, or to
  • compare radar (any) to the other in scalar1 (precipitation, snow)?

I’m guessing that the people in this area also preoritize as @tiwag said:

Besides, I think that snow really should be moved to scalar0!
For me the most interesting combinations of layers are:

  • my standard: “total cloud” + “rain forecast” + “radar”

And since radar ( at least RainViewer radar) has both rain radar and snow radar bundledd I would really like to be able to check out:

  • “rain forecast” + “radar” + “snow forecast”

If not adding a fourth layer is the an option, then the “total cloud” is the most ok (for me) to turn of when comparing radar to forcasts.

Alternetavely combining “rain forecast” + “snow forecast” to a new entry in the “edit data” menu, so that it can be shown at the same time as both radar and “total cloud”.

And if combining the dataset for “rain forecast” + “snow forecast” is easy and not to expensive, then perhaps also do the same for the radar i.e. a new entry in the “edit data” menu, called “total radar” or something like that.


That’s exactly what I’m using normally


If you zoom out, you should see the boundary of the HRRR/NAM domains.

I agree with your suggestion. Also you can compare HRRR/NAM radar with RainViewer by toggling between the two.

I don’t think I can add more layers or change the current layers since people hate change but I’m working on something cool (editable spectrums) at the moment that has made me think we can make this an editable feature.


My standard: cloud, rain, radar, wind direction


Yes, I also sometimes use:

But mostly have it off since I think it can get a bit too much

This makes me realize that besides the three layers:

We also have the wind and wave layers.
How many are them in total? @duane

“coastline”: lines you see around the coasts
“vector0” wind vectors
“radar_image”: RainViewer
“scalar1” precipitation…
“scalar0”: temperature, pressure, etc…
“map0”: self-explanatory
“wave_direction” wave animations
“wave_scalars” - not sure what this is or whether I use it???


Hi, was this fix suppose to be in:

For me, the behavior is still the same.

Hope you don’t think I’m too naggy about this bug.
I’ll play around with the new toy and wait for the next update. :sunglasses:

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I’m not sure if you did

With that snow should

or to

I just wanted to emphasize that

(Now I can only display one of these three at the time since they are all in the same layer.)

Another, respectful, request to reinstate the simultaneous forecasts for rain and radar.

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Sorry I forgot to fix this in the 3.242 release. I’ve just released 3.244 with the fix. All radar type data is now on the radar layer.

@Ohan, sorry I can’t do this since it’ll change the behaviour for too many people - people hate change.

You’ll have to wait until you can edit which layer to put data on to.



OK, seams fair.

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