Radar Reflectivity lag, 2 hours

After force refresh, the rain radar reflectivity lag has increased from 10 minutes to 2 hours with the latest update V3.214. Debugging log sent from Samsung tablet. On my Huawei phone the lag remains at 10 minutes.

Edit: back to normal, 10 minute lag on both devices after force refresh.

I think it’s all coincidence. If you zoom out to the whole world it looks like only some data is corrupted. I don’t think it’s anything to do with the update.

Cheers, Duane

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@Alex, Has this fixed itself on your end? Cheers, Duane

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Rain radar reflectivity lag now at about 6 hours.

Also, the period over which the weather is forecasted must be set to less than 0, i.e. -1. Otherwise no reflectivity is seen.

Edit at 11:35 hrs UK time:
Reflectivity visible before 02:00hrs today. Reappears for a short period, 09:10 until 09:30hrs. No reflectivity then until 10:20 and OK to 11:30hrs.


I’ve been checking radar and it seems to be complete. There is some weird ranging stuff going on in the USA though.

Cheers Duane.

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Just for your information; at 23:00hrs Monday 11 Nov , UK time, all rain radar reflectivity ceased for 16+ hrs.
Now, OK (Wednesday).

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Thanks. There was a problem connecting to the RainViewer servers in the USA. I’ve since patched it up and working with Oleksii at RainViewer to fix it.

Cheers, Duane