Settings > Export/Import [Answered]

Please add to the export/import file:

  1. Ranges (from graphs) (they are individually per place…).
  2. Order of places (as set by “Editor” > “Places”) (global).
  3. Possibly to set name of the export-file before sending it.
  4. The “Edit Data” options (global).
  5. The order of the data icons on the map (global).
  6. The edited list of numericaly displayed values above the map (global).
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Why not ask for the copied version to be identical, in all ways, to the original.

  1. Time and effort prioritizing
  2. It’s been asked before before, and @duane had arguments against it.

Here is why:


Thanks for the link.
Nowadays it’s a lot more effort to recreate after an uninstall with the map spectrum and range variations.


I only do a reinstall 2 times a year spring and fall unless some issues arise. I don’t mind having to re-add things as I use different data sets spring-summer and fall-winter :+1::+1:


You’re quite right. Before you spent no time setting it all up because the feature didn’t exist.


I built the export/import many years ago to help when people would uninstall and reinstall due to bugs, etc… This took quite a bit of work to build and given my usage of it (I haven’t used it in the last year, at least), it’s difficult to justify extending it. It’s not clear how many people use it. I could run some analytic to check this but I bet it’ll be very rare.

Later when people create more graphs, themes and notifications, this might make sense to update.

But I won’t include certain things, e.g., settings, since these might be the cause of a bug that is the reason for the reinstall - and settings change a lot. It’s too hard… oh I just saw Ohan posted my old comment on this.

But really I don’t know how much people use export/import to justify more work.


Yes, so many things to prioritize.
I don’t envy that part of your job.

I think you are doing a great job with it.

I used it several times after i bought two new tablets for sailing and a new phone for drone remote control.
It is quite a while, more than a year i think, since i used it on the same phone because of un- & reinstalling flowx


Compare this to how many times someone would use accumulated precipitation or pollen data. Import/Export is just not a highly used feature. I could run some analytics to see how much it’s used.