"Sun and Moon" (and "hurricane tracker") turns off the data scale

Continuing the discussion from Release 3.258 (12 May 2020)Beta:

Awesome feature!

I have so been looking forward to this.

Found a bug:

  • When toggling on the “Sun and Moon” layer the scale is turned off (this bug also happens when toggling on the “hurricane tracker”)

See in the print screen, there is a white field belod the data icons:

The correct behavior would be as is happening when toggling on “Wind direction”, i.e. since these three layers don’t have a color scale the scale should be left untouched from the last data that do have a scale.

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A couple of other modifications that would be improving the “Sun and Moon”-feature:

  • Solid lines from the current location (center of the map) to the sun, and to the moon. Like dials on a klock.

  • Edit the color on the added text-row, since white on white is hard to read:

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The sun/moon data line should be displayed in the bottom line instead of an empty white line.
This info isn’t necessary to be shown all the time


@Ohan it’s already on the todo list

so it’s not a bug

is a feature that I’m verry much looking forward to, however, it is something different from the bug that I’ve described in the first post of this thread.

@Ohan as far back as I can remember it has always went white to avoid confusion of floks thinking they are current values

Yep, this one is already on the list.

I won’t put the times down there because your hand will obscure the numbers when swiping which will be annoying.

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How about:

  • “Solid lines”, like dials on a klock. And
  • the white on white issue?

Fixed the white on white.

Not sure about the solid lines - I’ll try it out.