3.112 Beta

@duane First of Cool Update. Could just be my device is getting outdated :joy::joy: but if I go to Help and select anything I get “Sorry Flowx has stopped” let me know if you want a bug​:bug::ant::honeybee::beetle::spider: log let me know.

Thanks. That bug has been logged. I’ll see if anymore appear in the next few hours before doing another release.

Cheers, Duane.


@duane so far it’s all I have noticed so unless others show up just put it on the back burner tell you have another major update after all I probably need more help than the help section can provide :astonished::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::roll_eyes::upside_down_face::joy::joy::joy: Keep up the Awesome Job

When adding a new location for example if you add Kansas City Kansas then add New York, it names New York Kansas City so you have to go in and change it to New York

What is new with this update?

I’m not able to properly understand what to expect of it, besides “minutes” and a new bug.

Due to this I have not downloaded it yet.


  • Time now has minutes. Note, this doesn’t mean the data is more precise.

  • Widget config now checks the Battery Optimization state for Android 9+.

  • Major library migration to AndroidX.

The AndroidX library is a major change. Pretty much 80% of the files in the app changed.

It’s generally not a good idea to release major library updates with major features or changes because if something breaks, I don’t know if it was the libraries that caused the problem or the features or changes.

There are about 1200 beta testers that get new features early but at the price of potential bugs. There’s no free rides here :slight_smile:


:joy::joy::joy: All this 8,9,10 talk I’m just barely getting 7 :joy::joy::joy::joy:

@duane thanks for clarifying.
Yes that makes sence!

This is because you’ve manually changed the name, then added a new place. The new place copies most of the settings from the previous place including the manually changed name.

Not sure if this is the right behaviour.


Blah smarty pants​:joy::joy:

@duane just fyi I’m on android 7 now lol

I think that the right behavior would be to as default for newly created places to call them by the name of the place.

Further, I’ve noticed that if one delete the manually edited name, then the name from the map search is grayed out, and if I type something the grayed out name disappears.

Often I would like to modify the name by just adding something to the end of the name, for example the number of days to be displayed, and now I have to spell out the name of the place a second time just to modify it.

I think the correct behavior here would be to assume thay the name should be the one from the map search, and if starting to modifying it one would have to delete it if wanting to name the thing something completely different.

And as always, keep up the good work!

Yeah, I agree on creating a new place it should default to the name of the place.

The greyed out name works well compared to the old way. The old way would delete the default name when you changed it. I spent ages implementing the greyed out name - now you want to revert to the old way? :frowning:

This is why I spend ages thinking about a feature before doing it.

So I think the correct behavior is that you type out the name if you want a different name.


All Fixed Thank You @duane

No, don’t revert to the old way.

The only thing that I want, is that when you start to edit the name, it starts with what was just grayed out. So that you want something completely different, you’ll have to hold backspace for a second.