Ability to move location pin on the screen

Would it be possible to be able to move the location pin from the centre of the screen so that I can offset the map to show more data for where the weather is coming from?

Currently I have to zoom out and have big downloads and less detail


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you can use 2 fingers to slide the map which moves the pin but what I do is I have my location pinned and then I pin locations west of my pin to see what might be coming


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Are you referring to the two finger swipe feature? When I do that, the location pin defaults back to the centre of the screen and the graphs no longer represent my location.

I would like to able move the location pin from the centre of the screen to a different place say bottom right quarter.

I hope I havn’t missed somthing obvious in the help menus


No you can’t do that. The two-finger panning moves your location.

What you’re asking is not a common request. I think one other person has asked this before. I’m not sure how you’d implement it.


I asked myself the same question earlier this winter when most of Wyoming was getting some very interesting weather. I make frequent trips ranging from 3 to 6 hours and think that being able to drag both pin and my location to one side rather than just expanding the viewing area would be a more efficient solution. That said, moving the pin and remembering to click back on the default is an acceptable work around.

Still the best weather app for skiing and sailing!


I suggest “tap and drag” on the location pin to move it.
And then dubble tap on the pin to set it back to the center of the map.

I’ve also been thinking that this would be a “nice to have” - feature. (I’ve just been waiting for the iPhone version to take off before talking more about new features.)

Gestures are a very rare and valuable thing. If you use it for a feature, you essentially lose the ability to use it for other features so you have to think carefully before using a gesture.

For example, imagine that we allocate “tap and drag” to this feature and then there were only a few users that use the feature and they only use it once every few months. It would be a waste of a valuable gesture.

So I’m careful before I implement a feature with a gesture. We need to know:

  1. how many users will use this feature?
  2. how often would they use it?
  3. would they flick between centered or offset location state often, or keep the place in the offset state?

Then you have other questions:
4. is there a better way to implement this? For example, do you want a fixed offset latitude and longitude or is it better to have a offset location proportional to the view port so that when you zoom in and out, you always see your location??? I suspect this would be a better behaviour.

If this is the case, it’ll be easy to add this as a (advanced) setting in “Edit Place” if the user will use the offset state all the time.

I encourage users to think/brainstorm feature request in a broader view of app design. We need to meet a few criteria before we can implement a feature.


You are correct to think carefully about this!

I’m just gonna throw in another suggestion as a reply to:

How about when longpressing on the location pin, a menue opens with the options:

  • put back in center,
  • choose new location for location pin,
  • and perhaps more options like fix distance or relative to view, or save to location or load from saved location ?