Accumulation number on graph rainfall

So on a graph, there’s a bump for any particular rainfall event, going from zero amount to some amount and back down to zero amount. (amounts variously in mm/hour, cm/hour, or inches/hour.)

The area under that bump on the graph is the forecast total rainfall accumulation; it’d be great if we could get that number (suitably rounded!) as a number on that portion of the graph in some suitably high-contrast colour.

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I don’t quite understand. Can you draw a picture of what it might look like?

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One edited screenshot, with the caveat that the numbers are not an attempt to produce a correct quantity, just an example of placement. (In the top graph, in the areas indicated forecasted rainfall.)

Better colour choices are likely to be available, too.


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That’s quite a custom and complex request, especially defining one clump of rain vs another.

I do plan to add accumulated precipitation to the graph (without numbers) but you could add the accumulated number in the row of numbers below the week days instead.


I was assuming that if you can draw the graph, you can if all else fails count the pixels and relate that to an amount of rainfall, though I admit that’s possibly optimistic.

Accumulated precipitation is interesting but I’m mostly after a second indication for “how much is it going to rain?” The dynamic scale for rainfall in the graphs is great, but I live somewhere where the hi-res three day forecast switches rainfall scale amounts between 20mm and 1 fairly regularly. Having a label for “expected amount” would be great.

(though I can accept it’s not easy to do!)

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that would be difficult since even the radar can’t predict how much rain will fall in an area/location that’s why meteorologists say we can get X amount to X amount or we can possibly get up to X amount.

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We don’t count pixel, rather we analyse the weather data. This is a custom analysis and we should get accumulated precipitation working first - it is one of the most requested features. I think you may get a similar result once we get accumulated precipitation working and show the accumulated precipitation in one of the gauges.


Here is the problem.

But you can fix it yourself, by setting the scale to fixed.

Long-press on the graph, and then tap “Set Range”.

I am not saying the forecast is accurate or needs to be accurate, but that little blue volume on the graph is absolutely a rainfall forecast. Having a number associated with it would be handy.


I live somewhere the rate of rainfall swings between 0.25 mm/hr and 15 mm/hr. The dynamic scale is extremely helpful because it allows the 0.25 mm/hr to be visible as a time range in the high-precision forecast and the difference between 5 mm/hr and 15 mm/hr to show in the longer range forecast. I like the dynamic range quite a bit. I would just also like some numeric backup for clarity.


No argument about priority!

Accumulated precipitation is great for gardeners, etc.; for someone who is interested in “how damp is this specific rainfall event over its 3 hour duration?”, I expect it to be less useful. (still interesting! but less useful.)


I understand the need for displaying the wide range, and I do think that your feature request, of numeric values as bacup, is reasonable and relevamt.

I know that Duane has his plate full with the rewrite of the code, so it can take some time for new features to be implemented.

So my suggestion of using fixed scale was mearly ment as a compromise solution that is possible to implement as the app is right now.

Personally, in general, I very much prefer a fixed scales rather than dynamically automatic changeing scales, so here’s my suggestion:

  • adding the option of using logarithmic scales in the range setting ( for example the rainfall).

This feature request is not at all an “in sted of” idea, but rather a complement to the request of @Oak.