Add place in travelmode

When taping “Add place” then the map is currently directly opened with a search box.

So if wanting to add a new travelmode place, then one need to first add a place and then edit it and set it to travelmode.

Wouldn’t it be nice and logical to have the “Add place” button opening the “Edit place” dialog box, but for a new place, where one then can choose to search for a place or to use travelmode, and set the time range and edit the name before saving the new place?

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Also, currently, at least for me, a new added place will not be added to the bottom of the list of places, nor at the top, but as the second item in the list.

Is this as intended?

I think to the the bottom of the lest makes more sence, and I think it used to be like that.

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I used to have adding a place, which took you on to edit the place but I skipped editing the place 99% of the time. So I removed the step.

Do you have more than one place added with travel mode? I don’t know why you would since it follow you around.


Yes, I do, they are set to cover different amount of time.

Ok, fair enough. It’s not clear this is a common practice. If you are the only one doing this and I add the extra “Edit Place” step everyone else will have to endure it for the convenience of a small number of people. In other words, should 79,000 users have to see the screen for the convenience of 1000 users :slight_smile:


Do you have a reasonable way of finding out if this is


Do You Add more than one location to Travel Mode?

  • Yes
  • No

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I dont understand what is meant by more than one location in travel mode. Surely the point of travel mode is that it follows you around?

If you need other locations, can’t they just be saved as other locations, or am I missing something?


@Kai666 hope this helps


Nope, that’s from above. Need it explaining like to me like I was a 10 year old. Clearly being locked down is taking its toll!


@Kai666 :grin::grin::grin: @Ohan would have give you the details

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Yes, I think it might be an issue that is unique to him/her?


This poll is one way but a very small and like minded group. The poll should probably be in the app so users that have used the app for over say, a month, will get the poll.

The usual way I determine if something is wanted is when I get heaps of emails about it.

The other way is through analytics - probably the easiest (relatively) and most reliable way.

Regarding, whether the zoom should be a per-place or global setting would require a poll.

Cheers, Duane.


Here is the reason why:
Mostly I want the graphs to display the time from - 1 days to +3 days.
But sometimes I want to see more hindcast, from -3 days, and sometimes I want to see a more long term forecast, upp to +16 days.

I don’t want to have -3 days to +16 days as my default time span, since it mostly is overkill makes it harder to quickly digest the information for the normally most interesting days.

It takes 5-7 taps (and focused concentration) to open edit and change the time via “edit place”.

By having a second place in travelmode with more hindcast, and a third place with more forecast, it’s possible to verry quickly change the time span with only 2 taps.

If also the zoomlevel is saved per place than I would use this also to have more than one place in travelmode with the purpose of having it as a shortcut to get to a a couple different preset zoomlevels.

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The data is in.

Out of 25077 users:

  • 23912 don’t use travel mode
  • 1165 (~5%) have at least one travel mode place
  • 1104 (~5%) have only ONE travel mode place
  • 61 (0.25%) have two or more travel mode places.

Only 1.25% of all places added are Travel Mode. This means for every 80 places added, one is travel mode.

So it doesn’t make sense to go to the “Edit Place” screen when you add a new place.


Awesome way of making data driven desition!

Also cool to know that I have 60 like-minded who have found reasons for more than one place with travel-mode.

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