Adding widget does not work (without reboot)

Trying to add flowx widget causes my OnePlus 8 Pro to crash.

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Does the whole phone freeze and crash the moment you add the widget, or what happens?

I’ve seen before at some point that one needed to reboot once after adding the widget, for it to load, but I’ve never seen it make the phone crash.

Did you have other apps running at the same time?

Is the bug consistent and reproduceable?


Yep. You’re right. I rebooted and now the widget adds fine, thanks. What was occurring, as soon as I released my finger from the widget it froze. After a few seconds my phone screen goes black. After a few more seconds, the screen returns to normal.


Ok, good.
So you have now confirmed a known issue from before.

And as for as I know the phone-freezing-part is new.

But since it now works, and the phone-freezing-part was not replicated it is hard to know for sure what combinations of circumstances that did cause it.

Clearly the bug that makes the widget not show before the first reboot is suspected of triggering the freeze, but but more data is needed in order to troubleshoot.

If you are realy committed to helping the dev troubleshoot the problem you could try:

  1. First make sure to export your settings if you have spent time setting it up. Read more here about what-to-do-before-and-after-an-uninstall-reinstall)
  2. Uninstall the app, and then reboot again.
  3. Re-install the app.
  4. In settings turn on “Debug logging”.
  5. Add the widget for the first time after reinstall, while debugging mode is on, and see if the freeze-bug is triggered. Make shure to note what other apps are running in the background and are on autostart on your device.
  6. From settings hit “Send Debug Log” and email it to @duane the dev, and make sure to add a description of the bug (for example coppy from this thread), with the file in the email.