All weather graphics except Wind Vector and Waves not showing on Pro 3.352


I have FlowX Pro 3.352, and suddenly all of the weather graphics except Wind Vector and Waves just don’t show up.

I have tried every data source - the ‘summary graphic’ at the top showing sun / cloud / rain has all the usual data, but there’s just no visual weather on top of the map.

Has anyone else seen this? I’m kind of reluctant to clear all data from the app, since my installation is over 1000 days old now. :sweat_smile:

This started right around the time I got charged for my Pro subscription from Black Friday after the 2 week trial period - although that’s just correlation, not causation.


have you tried tapping the 3 dots upper right the select refresh including map 2 times? might try cleaning app cache and then app data but before doing all 1st make sure you backup settings by exporting 2nd make sure you have debug enabled so if none of the above helps you can submit debug log so @duane can take a look

Yes, I have done the full refresh, and even refreshed the map data, zoomed fully in and out, and so on. I also tried changing the map style, colour scheme, and most other options.
I’ve fully closed, the app, etc.


OK, clearing all data from the app fixed it.
I saved the debug log before I did this, in case Duane is interested.

Thanks again.


The likely cause was the scalebar colors not being generated. This can be fixed by long-pressing on the scalebar at the bottom which would force a regeneration of the colors.

Cheers, Duane


@Forecast1 Glad to hear It’s Working For You

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