Alpha Release 4.001 - Eclipse Weather (cloud) Forecast

As part of the port to Apple, Flowx has undergone a major rewrite. In this port to Apple, I have added an Eclipse feature to show the path and shadow of the looming Total Solar Eclipse in North America on the 8th of April. Unfortunately, this Eclipse feature will not make to the general Android release in time. Hence, I am releasing this super-alpha release which has bugs and missing features.

If you’re interested in Alpha Testing and/or the Eclipse feature, send me your Google Play email and I’ll add you to the list of testers.

Note: you will lose all your places, graphs and settings. The alpha release will be like a new install. I haven’t implemented any migration.

Missing Features:

  • Migrations from Flowx 3 to Flowx 4.
  • ECMWF HRES 0.25 resolution (next release)
  • Graph Editor (Mostly done - coming soon)
  • Travel Mode
  • Widget
  • Sun/Moon
  • Translations
  • Right-to-left layout
  • Share - screenshot or movie.
  • Pro subscriptions but you can manually turn Gold Pro on/off in settings.

Bugs (which I plan to fix next):

  • the map can go blank after a while in the background. Fix: restart Flowx.
  • zoom/panning can be finicky.

This is a very exciting step because it’s the start of the end of this major rewrite which started 3 years ago. Once we complete this release to Android it opens up the door to some cool data, features, a desktop version and possibly, a web version.

Cheers, Duane.


To make it easier for Android users, you can download and side-load an APK from here:

This won’t overwrite the Google Play version. They can be installed side-by-side.


New update with the fix to the blank screen:


xkcd: Eclipse Clouds

Did any one here see the eclipse?

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Just a Partial
but then again every night I see total eclipse when the sun drops below the mountains causing total darkness tell morning :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. when I was way younger long before internet I lived in Oregon we got to see the actual total eclipse was pretty cool.

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I rode my Honda Goldwing to McMinnville OR in August 2017 from Vancouver island with my partner to witness the total solar eclipse. It was awesome and well worth the ride south! :smiley: