Why does android and iphone data differ on app? How do I add a precise location on iphone. On android I can drag a place but not on Iphone.


@Wes Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx. IPhone just released so there is some catching up to do @duane is working hard to make it the same on both platforms

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Because it’s different… sorry, I’m just joking… Can you be more specific?

When you say “Why does android and iphone data differ on app” - that can mean many things. I can spend time answering what I think you mean only to find you were talking about something else.

We don’t have feature parity between Android and Apple. There is no way to add a precise location on Apple yet.

You might be able to get the same location by adding a place, but I can’t remember if they use the same geo service.


Tank you. Any idea when they will operate the same?