Arpege and Arome data sources are down

There seems to be an issue downloading data from Meteo-France which is resulting in Arpege and Arome sources not updating.

I’m working on this now.


Update: Meteo-France has changed the way to download weather forecasts. It’ll probably take me another day to get this going again.


Arpege is up and running again :+1:but Arome is still down - showing GFS.

You probably already know this, but just in case you don’t.


Also I’ve just noticed that Expedition Marine UK Sth 083 is showing GFS.


Yes, Arpege has been up for a few days but I’d been manually updating it. Last night I got it automatically updating.

Arome is made up of Arome1 (1.3km) and Arome2 (3km) models. Arome1 is back up but Arome2 is not, so Arome as a whole is not working. The reason Arome2 is not back up is that the size of the data is simulation area is different (bigger??) than in the app so if the app showed this data, it would be shown in the wrong place. So the app needs updating.

Expedition Marine solves weather simulations primarily for sailing. They will stop weather simulations in some regions if the sailing stop, generally this is due to winter. I need a better way of alerting users to this but again, it’s on the todo list.


Why not separate the 2 models; Arome 1km for the smaller of the 2 areas and Arome 3km for the expanded area ?

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Yes, we can but that will still need a change in the app, i.e. a new release.

One reason why Arome1 and Arome2 are merged is because some data (total cloud) exists in Arome2 but not in Arome1, so the app will automatically show Arome2 data. Now most data except MSL pressure and Total Cloud exists in both, but this is still a useful feature so if we can keep it, I will.