Best /most accurate model [already answered: No. ECMWF costs...]

I’ve heard and read that the European models are the most accurate, even for us here in the USA. Is that an accurate statement? Any plans to add ECMWF? Love the app and the community.


@Robdam1001 I’ve noticed that at times yes more accurate however at times the US models are. that’s why I check both. if course @duane will have the answer about ECMWF.


The search function on this forum is pretty good, and often the questions asked are already answered:

Part of the point with the forum is that we the users can help each other so that we don’t need to take time from @duane to answer support questions, time that he want, and should be spending creating.


ECMWF is freely available on the app, Windy.
Frankly, I doubt it being superior to HRRR.


I have no idea who Duane is nor did I ask for his help. I simply asked a question in the community forum. Isn’t that the point of the forum? I really don’t appreciate the tone of your reply.


Good insight, thank you


Thanks @BrianLY-38, helpful as always


Hi @Robdam1001

My apologies regarding how you read

I’m sorry my replay was writen in a way that could be read with an unappreciatable tone.

I did not intend it to be read with any perticular tone.

This is an general issue with written communication, the reader is not always reading with the tone that the writer intended.

Regardless, I’m sorry.
I was just trying to be helpful.

Yes, you asked a question, and I spend part of my time:

  1. Pointing out where to find (parts of) the answers to it, and
  2. Informing/reminding about the fact that many questions have been asked and answered before.

And yes, this is part of the point with this forum: for users to be able to provaid answers to other users, but it is actually not the

main point


I wounder how you found this forum, and yet you have

He is the one person who is the creator and developer of the Flowx app, and the person who created this forum in the first place.

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Apology accepted, thank you. I found flowx in an Android App reddit sub. Someone recommended it there. I was doing and expecting exactly what the main point you posted is. I’m new here and new with using the app. I may ask a lot of questions. Too many perhaps, lol. Enjoy your day.


Good, makes me glad to hear.

Yes please ask questions,

and please don’t get upset if somone who have spent the time to read all the old posts is encouraging you to use the search box more before posting.

Enjoy your day, too!

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