Best Upgrade & Model for UK

Brief look at FlowX & looks fantastic but want the data to be as accurate as possible for UK

I know the UK weather is especially difficult to predict.
Wondered what upgrade Silver or Gold (won’t bother with bronze) will give the best models for UK (south) & which is the most likely best model for rainfall.

I am trying to predict rainfall levels in the next 24 hours & longer.

Accuweather is actually v.good for the next 4 hours as is The Weather Chanel but visually Flowx if much better to glance ahead & of course v.clear for say 8 to 10 hours & next day etc. days in the future.
I know accuracy even 24 hours ahead is very debatable but would like the best possible chance.

Also is there a way to have the main graph, Monkeys Wedding, with all the data, rain, sun etc. much taller, double height etc. Would be happy to have a smaller map.
I think actually might prefer to hide the map all together if can increase the size of the Graph

I can’t seem to see a way, even with a widget.

Thanks I/A

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@Bignose2 Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx

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The more I look & only had brief time, the more I’m impressed.

Do yo have any advise on my original post

  1. Best upgrade & model for UK

  2. Any way to get the Monkey Wedding much taller graph, in App or widget

Upgraded to Silver
Widget is perfect for 2) so have bigger graphs and only 3 or 4 days which is better for me.

If any advise on 1) South UK best model on Silver but I will keep using compare to see which best matches my actual experience.

New question: not essential as widget does it but can you reduce the future no. days on the main app Monkey Graph
I currently moved to Meteo & that has range of 60 hours & chart still have 10 days which leads me to another question, if using Meteo, 60 hours or another model using less that displayed, is the data past 60 hours or x days using a different model up to date or completely bogus?


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unsure about best model for UK as far as number of days top right corner tap the 3 dots select edit place there you can select how many days to display from - 3 to 16 days, the minus days are in the past of coarse @duane will be able to answer the 1st part of your question. I’m just a fellow user in the US and help others when I can.


The best models for the UK are in gold. These are the high resolution model. As for which of the models in gold are best for your location - this depends on many factors, are you interested in temperature, rain, wind - it’ll depend on the time of the year, probably time of day.

But as I always say, it is better to look at multiple models to see which weather predictions are consistent.

With weather, there is no such thing as the “best model”. You have to understand the limitation of weather models and over time of viewing these model, you will start to understand how the model predictions interpret into actual weather.

You can make the widget graph larger by making the widget two rows high and then setting the number of graphs in the widget to “1”. You can’t change the height of the graphs in the app.

Can I suggest reading through the help at Help - Flowx. There is much information and tips here.


Suggested models to try for South UK:
DWD Icon-D2
KNMI Harmonie

All models are in Gold.