Better temperature trend range

All my compliments 4 your beautiful app!
A better focused vertical range on the temperature trend plot: 4 example currently the whole week range is less than 15 degrees while the visible range covers 30 degrees

This is a work in progress. Can you send a screenshot please?

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Hi Duane,
thank you. I do not know whether an web version of flowX is available… do not ask me to print plot… beside I’ve just changed my cell!).
It is really a detail, but when you plot the whole temperature trend on the top of panel, this rendered on a range which is usually bigger than what is need.
that’s it

Sorry, no web version. iPhone will probably be next.

You can hold down volume-down and power at the same time to stake a screenshot. Screenshots help a lot.

The scale range has been improved recently but it still has some kinks so it’ll be good to fix them.

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Hello Duane,

here u have:


As u can c, the temperature range for the selected days goes from 5 to 20, while the rendered range goes from 0 to 30…

It is not a big deal, but when an app reaches such an high level of implementation, the details comes in…

Have a great time and thanks again


Sorry, the screenshot didn’t come through.

The ranging is on the to-do list but so many things are taking priority. I changed it recent;y because another user worked out the algorithm so it only took a few minutes.

If anyone wants to suggest an improved algorithm, please post it through.

Cheers, Duane.

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