Bloat map files(Answered)

My sd card (android mobile) has many, many png files containing partial maps.
Most are unknown to me, not areas that I use to monitor the weather.
They seem to accumulate taking too much space and never disapearing.
What are they? Ok to erase them ? (I did and nothing bad occured, I suppose).
Thanks a lot


The maps tiles are downloaded when you view an area, so at some stage you would’ve viewed these area, maybe while panning around. I save them to disk to reduce downloads and so we don’t get charged heaps for map tiles.

Deleting them is fine, it’ll just download the map tiles again for place you view.

Note, I have three places on my phone, I’ve zoomed in/out to all zoom levels, i.e., all map tiles for those location has been downloaded, and it only used 24MB


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Anyway, I am not allowed to zoom in up to the scale of those files, so they will never be used.
Ok, I will delete only those maps of places that I dont intend to visit again soon (improvement idea: erase it automatically when we remove a place - or provide a “clear cache” button).
Congrats for this excellent app, I am a great fan and told about it to almost all my friends, who also love it.

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Oh, you are allowed to zoom in further :wink:

Yes, it’s odd your phone is using a lot of space. How much did it use?

Currently, when you load a place it’ll lay it out and know which map tiles to download. These might overlap an existing place in which case, it is not downloaded. To delete tiles when you delete a place is even harder, I would have to check all zoom levels for a place for the required tiles, then check all other places don’t use those tiles, and do this without the normal “loading the place” process. Quite a difficult task.

Maybe the easiest way is to monitor the “access time” of map files and periodically scan them and delete unaccessed one. But again work.

My main issue is time and prioritizing developments. I haven’t had many reports of space issues so we’ll leave this. If there is more trouble and requests, then we’ll consider a solution.

BTW, you can export your places and graphs via settings, clear cache and then reimport them again.

Cheers, Duane.