BlueStacks Emulator On Windows 10

Hi, love your app. I had always been an Android user until my wife and daughter made me switch to ios. I’ve been using BlueStacks X Android emulator on Windows 10/11. Flowx works well enough, my problem is that I had purchased all of the upgrades when I had my Android, but I am unable to access them through the emulator. Is it possible?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



I don’t know much about BlueStacks X Android emulator but if you can install Google Play Store and/or Google Play Services this might be what you need to get it going.

I’m porting Flowx to Apple and part of this process might allow us to release a desktop version too.

If you do get Flowx going on BlueStacks, please feel free to post a “Howto” for others to follow.

Cheers, Duane


Thanks Duane,

BlueStacks is straightforward. Download it from (Download Bluestacks - App Player on PC - Windows and Mac), follow install instructions and you’re done. Launch the app and you’ll immediately see a link for the Google Play Store, search Flowx and install it. Like I said before, it actually works pretty well. It’s a little quirky, using a mouse and not a touch screen, but it gives you the same info.

So as you can see, I had no issue getting Flowx on my PC, just wasn’t sure if I’d be able to use my previous license considering that I did sign in to the Play Store.

Hope this can help someone.


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Hi. Brand new to FlowX. I installed FlowX on my computer using MuMu Player which is an android emulator like Bluestacks. FlowX works ok but have not found a way of zooming or moving the map around. Also the graph takes up half the screen. screenshot :: Was wondering if there is a way of zooming without touch and altering the graph/map layout.

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I haven’t coded anything for non-touch gestures, i.e., mouse gestures. Have you tried CTRL-mouse click and drag, or ALT, SUPER, etc… This is what the Android emulators use to mimic pinch to zoom.

I am rewriting Flowx such that it might be able to be ported to the desktop. This will be the opportunity to add these non-touch gestures.


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