Bookmarking a Topic/Post

Good Morning Brian…
While poking around the forum, (great way for me to learn about features, weather statistics and Life of Duane),I see one can bookmark posts or topics.
How do I do this??
Thank you in advance and maybe I should add “Ahhhh” or “D’oh” in advance also…
Thx Cee


Below the post where the heart/like and chain/link option is 3 dots select it then it shows 2 more icons a flag and a kinda banner looking icon that’s the book mark icon As far as topics go to your photo upper right corner select it select your name then preferences the drop down box next to preference select scroll down to notifications then set it up to your liking by default when you post in a topic you are automatically set to track that topic


Thx Brian…
I’ll have to bookmark your response!!
I was focused on bookmarking a topic and did not notice the 3dots with the separate posts.
Thanks again…Cee


Hello all,

First, sorry I’ve been a little distant. I have been seeing these post and reading them but have been a little busy building (nearly done), moving house (done), moving country (done) and other life (on-going) and work (on-going) stuff. Also got back on to the “looking after your health and well-being” bandwagon - apparently it’s important :wink:

Seconds, thanks to @BrianLY-38 for taking the slack.

Third, thanks for the interest in Flowx @Cee - I’ve seen you’re actively making suggestions. I will get to them. I’m over a month behind in emails and post, and I’m trying to keep up at the front and work my way through the backlog.

Anyhow, I think 2020 will be a good year.

Cheers, Duane.


@duane You are Absolutely Welcome it’s the least I can do.

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