Buying Flowx Pro without Google Play Store?[Answered]

Checked out this wonderful app and it looks like the one for me IF I can source it without the Play Store.
Just got the new P40 Pro from Huawei, and no Google stuff allowed. Any way to get the app somewhere else that’s not dodgy? Also, I would like to pay my subscription yearly if that is possible. Don’t know if the app allows that at all. Would have contacted you directly, but I also don’t use Social Media at all. Just OldSkool,I guess, so I’m posting this here. Hoping for a reply or e-mail.(spudge@protonmail)
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@Rando Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx. currently Google Play is the only option


Hi @Randy,

Google Play handles everything to do with purchases - they take a 15-30% cut for this. All I can do is check, refund and revoke purchases. Replicating this outside Google Play would be a big undertaking and well beyond my resources.

Another user has asked about adding the Huawei Store and this is a possibility but it’s hard to justify at the moment. Maybe when we can afford to hire help.

Note, I’ve just changed the title to make it more descriptive.

Cheers, Duane.


Thanks for the info, guys. I was afraid this would be the answer, but I had to try. I understand the complexities you would face trying to make this happen. It is a best-of-class app. Maybe someday.


Same problem here - the app is not present in the Huawei Store. Petal Search finds a APK which works, but it’s some free version - and I’d like to pay for a full version. The FlowX app is just too good: every other weather/wind forecast app I tried is just ridiculous.


@KEWerner Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx

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If we can find enough support to justify adding Flowx to the Huawei Store, I can look into it. At the moment it’ll probably take a week or so of work to add it - this is quite a bit of time for me - so it needs to be worthwhile. By this I don’t mean financially (though that is nice), I mean I can add a feature or new data source in the same time that will benefit more people.

But I encourage others to mention Huawei store if they want it - this will cause this job to bubble up the priority list.