Changes to long year mean temp

Hi Duane,
I had another idea. No idea if it is feasable or not. Anyhow.
What about showing a layer on relative temperature in respect to long year mean temperature.

In a way it would show the change in climate. (which is always changing, because climate changes always. And has always changed.) anyway, you know what I mean.

Curious to know if there is a data stream somewhere you could use.


Hi @EJBoek,

I’m not an expert, but I don’t think this will show changes in the climate. Some places greatly vary in temperature over a 24 hour cycle, some place don’t.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to get from this. What question are you trying to answer?

Cheers, Duane.

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Hi Duane,
No, I don’t think it will show changes in climate. I don think you can get that without heavy statistical sytems. But it would be nice to see how the seasons react. I live in The Netherlands and we “suffer” from the seasons. Because of the activity in the jet stream we can have some severe changes in the weather. To me it is interesting to see how those weather sytems work. (I am not a climate activist, far from it)
To be honest I don’t really know what kind of data I am asking for. Perhaps a jet stream layer?

By the way. Have you ever heard from AQICN.ORG? The collect air quality data worldwide. I don´t know if it is really suited for your app, but it is a nice insight. Perhaps on a personal level.

Anyway, thanks for your marvellous work. Yours is one of the few apps that really add to understanding the weather and why we should be happy with big data. I am an advocate. Just a pity we have so many iOS-users here. They lack a lot of usefull info.
Thanks again. And I am just making suggestions. Usefullness is for you to decide.

Grtzz, Edwin

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Ok, I understand what you’re wanting. I stay away from generating data myself since I’m not a meteorologist. I would consider computing data if it’s a well established equation. I do plan to add higher altitude data one day. I’m looking into seasonal data too - that has “heavy statistical systems”.

I’ve also wanted to add air quality data. I haven’t found the data yet. It does have to be a full map data, not point sources. Though it is possible to add the point sources and render them in some way.

I’m hoping the to start the iOS app this month. This should grow the app much faster. We should reach profitability and hire help to make development faster.

BTW, I have some more data coming soon. The framework is in place to make adding new data relatively fast.

Cheers, Duane.

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Thanks for responding. And like I said, keep up the good work. It is much appreciated. It is a good thing you don build your own data, but collect the available. To me it’s the strenght of your app. And others are a lot better in gathering. You do a great job in collecting and reproducing in a way mortals can understand the science.

For your information, on air quality, AQICN ( seems to use legitimate data. The source from the Netherlands is a government source. I have investigated some sniffer locatations myself (some already years ago). The European sources look like it’s all government. It is a hot issue over here. Not alle countries in the world have the data available, or are willing to share. You’ll never know.

Grtzz, Edwin.

A few reasons I don’t generate data. It’s a lot of work especially validating it’s correct. Also if a user reports it’s inaccurate or something is not right, it’s a lot of work trying to figure out if it’s an error in my generation or a consequence of the original input data. But the big one is that I can say “I don’t generate the data, email NOAA” when a user emails about inaccuracies :slight_smile:

Yes, I looked at AQICN and briefly thought about buying a unit. I just bought a lightning detector. I can certainly add this data but the code to add data at point locations on the map with numbers is not implemented. This would take weeks/months to do. The main data Flowx can cope with easily is map data that covers regions or the whole earth. I think there is map data for air quality out there. I think it’s measured by satellites.

I’ve also thought about adding earthquake data, again these are point locations and the code isn’t in place to render them.

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