Choosing fallback data source

I’ve been using FlowX as my primary weather app for several years and I’m still very happy with it and its improvements.

One thing I noticed with the recent update to the EU/Germany DWD data sources is that the fallback source (here after the 27 hours fot DWD Icon-D2) is the rather less precise GFS.

I couldn’t find any way to tell flowx to use e.g. DWD Icon EU for the days 1-5. That would be a nice enhancement for my usage. I understand that it has its own implications, e.g. when my fallback data source doesn’t cover all of the graph forecast period (here only 5 days), but I’d still prefer it to let me have a say in the secondary source.

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I think it’s set that way so the graphs are complete and people think there is missing data. however If I remember correctly changes may be on the todo list


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Yes, @BrianLY-38

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