CMC Data Fallback Should Mirror NOAA

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This is a borderline feature request / bug report.

I am a Gold subscriber. And I noticed that when you select NOAA HRRR, FlowX intelligently overlaps the ‘best available’ data sources, to give the best available accuracy for all time periods:

  1. 18 hours of NOAA HRRR
  2. 42 hours of NOAA NAM3
  3. NOAA GFS as the chaser

I am in Canada, and I noticed this is not mirrored for CMC sources.

What I propose should show up for CMC HRDPS:

  1. 48 hours of CMC HRDPS
  2. 36 hours of CMC RDPS
  3. CMC GDPS as the chaser

What actually shows up:

  1. 48 hours of CMC HRDPS
  2. CMC GDPS as the chaser, after 48 hours. (The 18 hrs of RDPS is ‘missing’.)

Could you please blend the CMC sources, similar to the NOAA sources?

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A “Source Set Editor” is planned for the future. It’s a major part of the new code. Also I split out weather, wave and air quality data sources so you can independently choose them.