Colorcode for temperature labels

Would be nice, if the temperature labels at the top would be colored according to the temperature, either the font color itself or the backgound using heatmap, probably with a static scaling, as the colors should not depend on the current temp. range.

Sorry I don’t quite understand. Maybe post a screenshot with some annotations?


@duane I think he wants the Red and Blue temp # to change colors to match current temp. Like red for 100+ deg orange for 90 etc. I could be wrong my thought train :station:has been derailing :joy::joy::joy::joy: or instead of the line in the graph have colors to match temperature. Or it could be the temp where the time, rain and wind speed is. Glad I could help and clear things up for you :joy::joy::joy:

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Hi @wabu,

The purpose of the red and blue temperatures is to indicate the high and low temperatures, changing the colors will loose this ability to quickly distinguish between the two.

The temperature graph is a far better way to absorb the temperatures.

Cheers, Duane.


Sorry for the long absence …

Exactly. Think it would be a nice first glance indication.

Actually only if you fix the range I think, but I did that now. Otherwise you have to look for the numbers, as if the graph get’s high, it just can be that all temps are quite low.

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Hi @wabu, I agree the graph range needs fixing but that will be quicker than implementing colourful numbers. It’s just that I have to prioritise jobs and this one is quite low since it’s not stopping anyone from using the app, nor are many users shouting and carrying pitch forks.

I know if can be annoying for you, but there are many other bugs that are annoying for just as many users.

It’s the algorithm that takes time to develop, not the coding. I’ve actually asked users to step forward and fix the algorithm for the temperature range but no one has. Once I have the algorithm, it’ll take a short time to fix and I’ll do it immediately.