Compare mode on launch or widget?


I was curious to know if it might be possible in the future to have the option of launching Flowx in the “compare” view or alternatively if it might be possible for us to have a “compare view” widget. I was thinking something condensed where we could pick the models and the data we want to show in the widget.

At the moment I find myself having 3 different widgets on my homescreen so that I can quickly see the different models but since they’re separate widgets there’s extra spacing between them and duplication in the days of the week which is displayed on each individual widget. Having multiple models displayed in 1 neat widget would be great.

I’ve also noticed (maybe from having 3 separate widgets) that Flowx seems to hit a download cap on the servers and I find myself having to switch between the US and the Germany servers otherwise it won’t update. To reduce strain on the servers would it be possible for me to configure how often I want Flowx to contact your servers for updates?

Thank you for all your hard work.

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