Create a "movie"(Answered)

I’d like to see the ability to capture a “movie” or video of the movement of the atmosphere / clouds / rain etc from a defined timestamp to another defined timestamp. The resultant video file could then be shared with friends. This would have the double advantage of being able to thoroughly promote the Flowx app and possibly (hopefully) make people want to download it. The video file could have “Download Flowx from Google Play or Apple” displayed subtlety embossed on the video screen.


You mean like the “Share” option in the top-right menu :wink:


Oh! Is that what share means!? I thought that was purely to share the app with friends - ie make them aware of its existence. I had not realised that it created a video! So sorry!

The video goes much too fast though?


Okay - starting to get the hang of this video length / speed thing but its use is not really very intuitive. :slightly_smiling_face:
How about changing “Share” to “Share Video”?

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Intuition is a reflection of what you already know. It’s hard to make something intuitive if there is little history of the feature. There aren’t many “Record weather video” features in other apps to copy. So people don’t have anything to peg intuition on. In this case, people will think it’s not intuitive, but really they are not familiar.

I try to keep it simple and intuitive. This was the best I came up with. You could come up with a different way based on your experience but someone else will come along and say your design is not intuitive.

And to be fair, once you know it, it’s pretty easy.

You can share a image or video. “Share Video/Image” is too long. “Record” might be a better option - who knows.

But the real issue is that most people don’t read help:
This would’ve saved you time and removed all the guess work.

Even spending one minute reading the list of help sections will help a lot:


Thanks for your kind response Duane. I hope you had not inferred criticism in my comment. Just trying to give constructive input. I also totally agree about being succinct in labelling. Going to a help page wouldn’t be intuitive because I didn’t have a problem that required a solution.

I think that most apps that have the share symbol simply allow the app users to share the app, to make friends aware of its existence.

When I mentioned it “not being intuitive” I wasn’t referring to the use of the share button but the actual mechanics and options of the video capture. It’s probably me being old and a bit decrepit now - pity because I used to be a programmer. That and my particular phone (Google Pixel) being a little awkward. When set to “indefinite” I couldn’t find how to stop the recording process! Found it eventually and even managed a laugh watching the resultant video and the frantic efforts trying to get control.

Thanks and best wishes! :grinning:


Yeah, I didn’t do well in my explanation. What I was really trying to say is that it’s hard to get it right for everyone because people have different perspectives. So if I change something, it’ll be someone else getting lost.

Example is that in my experience is that “Share” means to share content from the app, e.g., in Facebook, you share post, in YouTube you share a video, etc…

In any case, I spend a LOT of time trying to keep things simple as possible.