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I’ve just stumbled across Flowx. It’s really impressive, so thanks for your efforts to date.

One thing I would like to request: Would it be possible to add the same text line that’s in the main app screen between the graphs and the map to the 4x2 graph widget? That’s the line containing text values of time, temperature, rainfall and windspeed.
If that were refreshed at the same frequency of the widget (or hourly) it would still maintain its validity and would provide a great, at-a-glance view of near-current conditions.

If this is possible now, or in the beta releases, how do I configure that?


@keeptriin Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx.

currently this is not an option however it’s a great question I’m just a fellow user but @duane May find this an interesting option.

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Sorry, these are not current conditions. I’ve stayed away from presenting them in a widget like that since many people will mistake them for current conditions and complain.

Flows is not a current conditions app like your traditional/typical weather apps. My suggestion is to install one of these typical weather apps for such a widget. You get more current and better predictions.


MOS weather apps do indeed have widgets predicting current weather conditions. Their forecasts change frequently, sometimes every few minutes, matching their ever-changing input data.
So, as a predictor of future weather they are about as much as use as a Weather Stone.



Hi @keeptriin,

When I say “no current conditions” I really mean, I won’t implement what exists in other typical weather apps because it’s not a good use of time. I could spend months replicating features in typical weather apps and still not be as good as them. It would also dilute the strengths of Flowx. Flowx should stick to its strengths. So I should spend months implementing things that fit the Flowx design philosophy or don’t exist at all.

I also don’t want to get into those silly “Wunderground is more accurate than AccuWeather” battles.

I like my tractorcar analogy. Typical weather apps are cars, they get you somewhere quickly. Flowx is a tractor, it’s slow, but it’s strong and damn useful for certain things. You won’t win a race in a tractor but nor would you plow a field with a car. You don’t see any company combining a tractor and car because there is no market for a tractorcar. That’s why you’ve never heard of a tractorcar. Flowx will never become a tractorcar.

Cheers, Duane.