Customize graph colors

I believe you have mentioned in emails to me that you are rewriting the Editor. I would have to believe customization of colors would be on the list to-do (or to-done). If not, I’d love to see it. The graph line for temperature should be red (unless you live in the artic or antarctic, I suppose). It would allow the humidity and temperature graphs to be used together without confusion. You probably know this already.

I would also like to see the gradient colors to be customizable. A start and finish color could be selected, and then the gradient determined from those. In this way, temperature and humidity, for example, would be more readily distinguished on maps when choosing between the graphs. (Ideally, it would be possible to overlay the different gradients with proper color differences and see the joint graph, but I won’t go there yet. And, I probably wouldn’t understand the mixing of colors anyway.)

Colors are a minefield. It’s such a personal thing. If I change the color for one user, 10 users will shout in response. The theme editor is on the list. I didn’t think about temperature being red, but that’s just me.

A spectrum editor is also on the list. It’s nearly there. Just long-press on the color bar. I’m super close to adding a spectrum selector, then later a color gradient editor as you’ve described.

Hard breaks are important in color gradients, so I’ll think about this one.

Cheers, Duane.