Custum name for "travel mode"

I have saved more than one location in “travel mode” (*), so I think it would be nice able to add custum names for them. Now I have three locations that are forcefully named “My location”.

(*) Sine I mostly use the timescale 3 days (today, tomorrow and the next day), but sometimes want to see 2 days, (yesterday and today), and sometimes I want all available data (from 3 days ago to 10 days from now).

Also it would be nice to be abel to rearrange the order of places in the list.

Both of things are on the list.

BTW, for most data sources, the time between data frames is 3 hours and I smooth the curve in between. In other words, there are only 8 data points in a day, or 16 data points in 2 days, 24 in 3 days. 24 points across the entire graph is easily discernible, zooming in for 2 days won’t show any more detail.

The best data in the app has 1 hour between frames.

Also you should look at data with blurry glasses on. The error in the predictions is not worth zooming in for. The main thing is the big picture.

Check out the radar image in the other post, it is overlain on top of Arpege data. You can see how different they are. Note, Arpege is one of the best models in the world.

Cheers, Duane.


As often you are already one step ahead. :+1:

Thanks for the explanation.
I understand the limitations of the data.

A clarification, for why i chose do display different amounts of days. It has less to do trying to displaying more details from the data, and more about what i want to be looking at, and what I don’t want to be distracted by.

For me, when planing for tomorrow and the next day, the weather from yesterday is irrelevant and a distraction.

As is tomorrows wether when I’m specifically checking up upon yesterdays weather.

And next week’s forecast (while great for making preliminary plans for later in the week, it) is unnecessary distracting when just planing the closest days to come.

It’s all about cognetive ease and efficiency by minimizing the load on the cpu between the ears for any of the different given planning tasks.

Yes, I’ve seen it, and I’m verry much looking forward to it being pushed.

Keep up the awesomeness!

I had been meaning to test “Travel Mode”, so I did. Simple, useful… @Ohan found a bug.

@duane looks like “travel mode” overrides the existing saved location with “my location” name and location. [Bug 1] That’s a real bummer. It should likely only override the first location entry (seems an acceptable compromise) or always add an entry, not override.

[Bug 2] It seems “add location” without a search adds the current location as “my location”, which then, the location name can’t be edited in “travel mode”, but can when "travel mode is turned off.

@Ohan your work-around is to disable “travel mode”, rename the multiple “my locations” then re-enable “travel mode”.

Buggy. Where’s the bug spray!

@FlowxLloyd the reason for it showing “My location” in travel mode is that’s your current location otherwise it would have to figure out the name of your Location then show name which in turn it would have to update frequently and the reason you can edit it when you turn off travel mode is incase at some other time you might want to return to that location you can check the weather conditions

@FlowxLloyd I see what you’re saying it changes your original saved location to my location. :+1:

New custom name for travel mode in beta testing which should be available in the next hour.


@duane Great Job I’ll be able to really test it on the 11th I go in to get some nerves burnt in hopes of pain relief.