Cyber Monday annual subscription got cancelled in January


I purchased 50% Cyber Monday annual Gold subscription and, to avoid renewal at the full price (I typically use Bronze and unsure if I want to keep Gold), I cancelled the subscription renewal. To my surprise, my subscription was cancelled 11 months earlier, in January. Now I’m down annual subscription fee with free version of FlowX.

What do I do? Can you help me restore my annual Gold subscription that I paid for?



Hi @Mykhailo,

I’ve check and your Cyber Monday Gold subscription has indeed expired. Did you cancel the Gold subscription before the end 14-day free trial? Doing so would’ve cancelled the subscription before the free trial was up and it would not have charged your credit card.

According to the Google Play record, your credit card was never charged. Can you check this? It would’ve been around 14-days after 28th of Nov.

As to why you got gold until Jan - I’m not sure - maybe it’s my code being a little bit liberal.

BTW, Google Play handles all subscriptions, payments and credit cards. Flowx just tells Google Play “Mykhailo wants to buy Gold special” and Google Play handles the rest. Flowx doesn’t see anything or get any details. All I can do as a developer is check purchases against an email or purchase number and cancel/refund a subscription if need be.

If you can check your credit card, we can move from there.

Cheers, Duane.


BTW, if you want a private conversation, just email me via Feedback in the side menu of Flowx.


@Mykhailo Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx

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