Cycle models in map view

I have 8 models at my location and it is my understanding that other models appear/disappear based on location. The double click graph compare is good but another way to compare on the map layer would be helpful. Under my location how about BOLDING the current model and adding a checkbox on each model then on the map screen add a cycle icon button that cycles from top to bottom to top of the enabled model list this way you can quickly cycle between them in map view.

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I see what you’re wanting but it seems complex. I like to keep things simple. We have 80,000+ monthly users. The more rope you give people, the more support emails I get.

I can add this to the list but it really has to be well justified and widely supported to justify the time it’ll take to implement, maintain and support.

When I started Flowx, back when it was called WeatherBomb, I added pretty much everything anyone asked. A year or two down the track, Flowx was a complex mess and a headache to maintain. I removed most of the advanced features in a major rewrite.

We have to be careful not to make Flowx too complex. Keep it simple. Use the 80/20 rule.