Data missing using ICON EU

Flowx V3.304, Dec 7, 2020

Huawei Mate 10 Pro
Android 10

Minor bug:
DWD ICON EU is missing precipitation data in portrait mode - plus wind gust speed when switched to landscape.


On the map or the data values?

Include a screenshot please. A picture carries a thousand words and in many cases has helped.


…and snow.


@Alex it done that to me I just closed and re-opened Flowx


Oddly enough I’ve been trying to fix this bug and it’s unrelated to the new edit data values in 3.304. It’s an old bug that manifests when the data processing on the server misses a forecast and some data when downloaded is missing. I’m working on fixing it.

I think it’s fixed now since we’ve had a new ICON EU forecast recently.


I think this is the same/or similar issue as I
described in
Release 3.304 (7 Dec 2020)Beta

“sometimes the data values are only shown for past times and not for future times (”-" is shown for all but the time).

Forsed refresh does not fix this, but app restart do. But then a while later the problem is back."

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