Data tiles occasionally not loading fully

I have had this issue intermittently for years but it seems to have got a bit more frequent in recent months, hence the post.

Occasionally the tiles and weather data do not load fully (see screenshot below)

Going to the 3 dots and tapping refresh once doesn’t do anything, going in and tapping a 2nd time brings up a slightly different window which offers the choice of including maps, selecting this usually does the trick but in recent weeks even this hasn’t always worked and I’ve had to restart the app.

So a couple of questions:
Why does one tap of refresh not do anything and why doesn’t the window offering the choice to refresh the map not come up straight away?
I guess this could be an issue with my device (details below) but have had the same issue on another device.

Device: OnePlus Nord 2 5g 12Gb ram
Os: OxygenOS 13 (Android 13).


1 is just a light refresh at times servers get busy so downloads drop data aka not all the info is downloaded that’s why there is a refresh with options 1 for just weather 2nd weather and maps sometimes you need to clear app cache also you can try different server to see if it’s any better @duane always has better answers than I. I’m just a Fellow User/Flowx Enthusiast :beers::beers:

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Forgot to Say Hello @ph87gb Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx

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Hi Peter,

Yes, the tile loading can be a bit sensitive to failed downloads.

The first click of “Refresh” will just check if there are new forecasts available.

The second click of “Refresh” will give you the option to force download all the visible data. This is there to fix the problems you see.

In the new rewrite of the app, this process of downloads and loading is a bit more robust.The first click will actually force a reload (and download if necessary) of all the tiles and the second click will offer a force refresh.

One thing you could try is to clear the app data or reinstall the app. Maybe the app has got itself into a funk.

Feel free to send me the debug log via “Feedback” in the side menu. If you turn on “Debug Log” in settings, the next time you see these blank tiles, send me the log and I might find the actual cause, e.g., network connection failed.

Cheers, Duane.