Default location option


I’d find it useful if there was an option to force a particular location as the default when opening the app. I’d be using my home area, or ‘My Location’, for example.

Being a bit dim, I sometimes open the app, forgetting that I’d previously been looking at another location - for a moment I’d be rejoicing at the prospect of glorious sunshine, only to discover that I’m looking at the forecast for Perth, Australia where my niece lives…

Keep up the good work!


@beardypete I would suggest not being dim :joy::joy::joy: Great idea I do the same thing :rofl::rofl: guess I’m dimmer cause I never thought of having default lol


There is a trick for this! :sunglasses:

Set the widget to the place that you want to open by defoult. (For example a place with “Travel mode” turned on, then it will use your phones location based on gps or ip-adress).

Then open the Flowx app by taping the widget instead of taping the app icon.

Starting by tapping the app will open the location that was last active.

Starting by tapping the widget will open the location that the widget is set to, regardlesa of what location was last looked at


Thanks for that Ohan, that’s a neat workaround. I’m not a great user of widgets, but I’ll give it a whirl.