Different data per graph?

Hi again,

I hope that this is not a duplication of a previous request, I couldn’t find a similar post.

I am finding that whilst both KNMI Harmonie and MeteoFrance can give great predictions for me here in the North of England, they do sometimes disagree, and occasionally quite significantly. This means that I have to hop between the two of them to make comparisons before I decide what’s likely to happen in the days ahead.

My request is to be able to display at least a pair of graphs above the map display with each drawing upon a different data set, so as to be able to easily compare one source with another.

In my case I would display KNMI info on one graph and Meteo-France data on the other.

The current Compare Graphs feature is overkill for me, because I really have no interest in the other seven data sources that I am presented with. I also have to scroll to display the two that I am interested in, as the nine graphs can’t appear in a single view.

If the Compare feature could permit rearrangement of the displayed graphs, for example by allowing dragging to new positions, that would be a big help, as would allowing users to ‘hide’ those data sources that they have no interest in.

Also, the Compare feature is cramped and difficult to read and lacks the display of wind speed/direction, temperature, time, etc that can be displayed under each graph in the main display.

And finally, wouldn’t there be a saving on data too if the number of sources being compared was reduced?

Thanks Duane for your continuing hard work, it’s much appreciated - I hope that 2022 is kind to you and yours.


Thanks for searching the forum before posting.

I think Compare Graphs can be improved with a button to collapse unwanted graphs. I don’t think we can add other metrics since the feature is to double click on any graph to compare them.

Adding another custom screen is weird too since many users comment and like the “all-on-one-page” feature of Flowx.

In the future I plan to have other layouts. For example, in portrait mode you see the standard layout but in landscape model you might have two maps side-by-side to compare two different data sources.

The data savings on the graphs is insignificant - it’s tiny compared to a tile on the map.

Happy New Years to you too. I hope 2022 is kind to all of us. The last two years have been pretty stink.