Drop down or similar to quick change number of days

I often have to edit the location to see the graphs in more detail depending on if I’m looking at today’s weather or trying to see a few days out.

It would be great for the graph to magnify so you can see a 24 hour period in detail, but at a minimum, just being able to quickly toggle the numbers of days shown would be handy.

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@Macnear Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx

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@Macnear not sure if you know but you can double tap the graphs opens in compare mode

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The plan is to add a pinch-to-zoom function on the graphs so you can change days quickly. It’s on the todo list.

But please be aware, when weather simulation data is released, they only release data at certain time points which is every 3 hours for GDPS and every hour for most other sources except for HRRR and Expedition Marine which has 15 and 30 minute time steps.

So zooming down to a day will only have 8 time points for GDPS and 24 for GFS.

It’s very important to understand the limitations of weather simulations. Have a read of “What is Flowx?” in the helps section of flowx.io/help.


Hi @Macnear, and welcome to the forum!

I have a tip to you for:

While waiting for

The tip is to create a second place for the same location, and with all the same settings, but with a different amount of days viewed. (That’s how I do it.)

This way you can quickly switch between “few” and “many” days, as quickly as you can change location.

Add a third instance if it make sense for you.

You can add the number of days to name of the place so that you can tell them apart…

I know it’s not the most convenient way to set up, but once set, it’s a working solution. (At least while waiting.)

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