Edit Place tips

I have past data on the server and you can view up to 3 days in the past (hindcast). Just edit place and you can add the extra day(s) into the past.
Thanks for this tip @duane

Not only can the number of (hindcast/forecast) days be adjusted, but the location name can be customized after it has been selected in search. The location name can be changed to a “ space ” or perhaps “Graceland”, whatever makes you happy. I prefer a “space” as this effectively hides the location value in the Flowx widget; keeping it clean and tidy.

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Maybe we need a setting for this. It should probably be in the theme editor - a feature that will appear in the future.

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Depends if you release an “auto” location for the widget. If it had auto, I would prefer a name appear when not at my “blank” location, rather than location always hidden. Appropriate info, when you need it, not default info at all times.

Now, I would welcome some more control on scale values… as-in, to hide them. This may be a 3.102 thing?.. But I’m always looking for “clean and tidy” in the final widget output, and now see scale values.

You can hide the scales via the Graph Editor.


That did it. Clean and tidy, again.

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