Edit Widget, [how to] + [suggestion for improving the help]

Edit Widget, [how to]
From Help > Widgets :
"Click on the menu icon on the right side of the widget to edit configuration."

[suggestion for improving the help]
Make it more clear how to identify “the menu icon on the right side of the widget”.

For example by using an image with a red circle:

This is a

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Thanks for picking up on the “edit widget” from my original thread. I went back and forth over mentioning my widget troubles because I knew it was possible to get back to the screen somehow (having done it by accident!).

I don’t envy Duane and the other developers (if any); having more than a few UI controls in such limited real estate is very hard. Unlike websites or desktop software, the names of things haven’t become common knowledge (e.g. “drag dots”, “drop down dox”). And some things like “menu icon” require a bit of a leap to realize that the documentation is referring to “3 vertical dots”.

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Yes, I agree.

@duane is the founder and first/main developer.

He recently started getting help from another programmer to start porting the app to iPhone.

As far as I know Duane is the only one developing and maintaining the android app.