Expedition Marine Update

Expedition Marine provides WRF predictions in the Gold pro version of Flowx for various regions in the world.

Recently, Expedition Marine has removed models for Australia and UK regions since these regions are covered by the new BoM ACCESS and UKMO UKV models. So these are no longer available in Flowx.

I plan to add the UKV 2km model to Flowx soon. But unfortunately, it is difficult to justify the yearly cost of the BoM ACCESS model. As Flowx revenue increases, we will review the ACCESS model.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Cheers, Duane.


Expedition Marine Cape Town was available for a few months during the latter half of 2023. It is currently (January 2024) unavailable again. In light of your comment above, has the model now been removed permanently from the South African region, or will it pop up from time to time in the future as has been the case for the last few years?

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If this has been happening every years, then it’s probably the same reason. Exp Marine didn’t mention removing SA.


Most areas are run on demand for regattas. We ran WRF full time for much of Australia, the UK etc, but as Duane has said they have been superceded by UKV and Access for Expedition users.

Currently, NZ and Baleares are run permanently as we don’t have forecast data in NZ and there is a regatta planned for Barcelona. Also Cook Is is permanently scheduled for Duane.

Others will come and go. For example, the Caribbean simulations are currently available until the end of the C600.


Thanks for the update, and the data, Nick. I had been thinking about adding notifications to Flowx for when data is in hibernation.


@Nick7K Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx. Great Info Thanks for Sharing.

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That’s a great idea Duane. Here in South Africa, Expedition Marine Cape Town comes and goes. I am on the edge of the area covered by Expedition Marine so the model suffers a bit from edge effect distortion. DWD ICON Global 13km is the second best and the one I use most.