"faded disabled data"-bug

New after:

Bug #1:
When oping “edit data” and scrolling down to something grayed out, it can not be removed by clicking the tic-box. It can however be removed bu taping the name test of the data.

Bug #2 (or feature?)
Items that are not available for the region can not be enabled. This puts limitations on setting up a new “Travel mode” place.

A working (at least to some extent (?..) ), but annoying, workaround is to drag with two fingers on the map until in a region where the data type is available, then enable it.
( Not sure hat happens if then saving this as new place… )

Thanks. I have bug #1 on the todo list.

Bug #2 is definitely deliberate. I want people to enable it if it’s outside their region, otherwise they expect it in their region. This gives a clear message “This data is not available at your location”. Otherwise I;ll get emails saying, I turned on “smoke data” but I can’t see anything.