Feedback Request: Global data menus

Hello all,

How would you feel about a global menu at the bottom of the map?

  • One data menu for all places.
  • Different data menu for each place.

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I’m just working on Air Quality and adding it to the submenus, like the “Sun and Moon” submenu.

This is needing a bit of coding and lead me to wonder “Maybe the data menu at the bottom of the map should be the same for all places instead of being a place-by-place configuration”.

A one data menu would mean:

  • adding, removing and reordering data will be seen for all places
  • the on/off state of data will be seen for all places.

This is similar to how graphs work. If you turn off wind in the top graph, all places will show this change.

Cheers, Duane.


@duane I know it should be an easy choice but how much trouble would it be to do,? would the global show more data for example my local weather? how much data would have to be downloaded when you start Flowx compared to now?


Sorry, I’ve used the wrong word. By global I mean a global setting inside the app. So instead of having a different data menu for each place, we have one data menu for all places.

I’ll edit my post.


I still don’t know :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: I like the idea set it once and all areas get set however I like it the way it is because I have several items selected for my home location and only a few for other areas as I don’t need all the same data as I do for my location


I made a decision :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


I’m thinking about the possibility ways to have the best from both options (and it then would be worth the effort).

The benefit from “One data menu for all places” is that if one have many places, when a new data source is added by an update or one realize the existence of a data source that one has not selected before, and then one want to add this to all places, then this can be done in one step.

Where as when doing this with the current “Different data menu for each place” then it must be added to every place one by one.

A potential solution would be (to keep the “Different data menu for each place” and ) that after one is done with setting up all data sources to one place, to then have a way to “copy source-settings from ‘this’ place to selected other places”.

Just a thought.


sounds like it might get complicated :joy:


Perhaps, but not necessarily.

The user interface of it could be similar to the export feature in the main settings.


I have pondered “copy place setup” many times.

I’ve pretty much got “global” data menu coded and it works pretty well. I can easily make “place-by-place” data menus without much more code.

However, I think I might try global menus for a while and see what feedback I get from beta and the wild.

The major advantage I see is the simplicity of global menus in terms of code, maintenance, new user understanding, speed to load, and support.

So I will go with global menus in beta, get feedback, if many users what place menus, then I’ll add the setting hidden in the depth of the app :slight_smile: Over time, if the place-by-place menu usage is low, I’ll remove the option.

It’s important to remember that “keeping Flowx as simple as possible” is a major feature.

Keep it Super Simple.


I was thinking yesterday - this is like when we removed the ability to pin a data icon on the right of the menu. We discussed it, removed it, and no one has really missed it.

If we do the same with a single global menu, users try it out and if it works fine, then we stick to the simple global menu.

I’m expecting to release to beta later today with NEW Air Quality data :slight_smile: This is exciting since it took me ages to add this data.


@duane sound good :+1::+1:

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